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Heavy Metal

Venom Inc (Black Metal Anniversary Set)

Venom Inc started officially on April 25th 2015 in Lauda Konigshofen (Germany). Halfway through the Mpire Of Evil set at the Keep It True festival three Venom members were re-united for a couple of Venom classics. The hall exploded with sheer enjoyment. Mantas on guitar, Demolition Man on bass and vocals were joined by drummer Abaddon and so the Prime Evil line up of Venom was back on stage.

When promotors got word of this reunion a bomb exploded; offers from all over the world followed and so the band decided to have a go at it once more. The name Venom Inc was adapted and for the next few years the power trio toured the earth up and down, to much succes.

2017 saw the release of the album Avé and it was very well received by press and fans who expressed how happy they were that the true keepers of the Venom spirit were back. Many gigs followed again untill in early 2018 a crack appeared. After the Asia/Australia tour internal troubles arose, leading back to earlier experiences in the past. Abaddon first got time off to welcome a new baby, but never returned to the fold. Still a European tour in support of Avé was booked. The band asked their soundman from the USA tour to join. Jeramie Kling gladly accepted and at the gig in Dynamo Club in Eindhoven (a legendary city for Venom) he was baptized as War Machine.

The band’s future was secured again and the band was reborn a true band. The War Machine gave all the songs, old and new, a new energy and many fans were amazed. Extra special; more obscure songs finally could be added to the live set, leaving many fans in awe. This was not quite possible in the first line up of the band, and also newer songs turned out to be a problem to be performed well enough. With War Machine in the band about anything is possible!

Covid 19 put a stop to many things and plans for a new album and tour had to be shelved. But as the Avé song Metal We Bleed tells us “Manic and relentless, the wicked never rests!” Venom Inc never gave up and started work on their second album. To be released on the proud label Nuclear Blast later this year the follows will amaze the world with pure energy and power by the three headed band that is Venom Inc!

In 2020 Venom Inc presented a new website, developed and maintained by two Venom fanatics; Winston ‘Unholy Father’ Arntz and Marcel ‘Vicious Vicar’ Klomp. While they were at it, they started the official Venom Inc fan club too as Warheads Inc. In a strong and direct line to the band, the website and fan club offer special things for the Venom Inc fans. Check the Fan Club/Warheads Inc section for more information on this.