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Speed, Thrash, Black Metal

Toxic Holocaust

Toxic Holocaust has primarily been a one-man band, with Joel Grind performing all instruments and hiring various rotating live bands to back him on tour when he performs guitar and vocals. For the first release on Relapse Records, session drummer Donny Paycheck was utilized. After the recording, Phil Zeller and Al Biddle of the Canadian band Rammer joined as permanent members. Chambers had previously played drums for TH on a Canadian tour in 2006.

Also prior to becoming a one-man solo band, there were also previously two other unknown members who had appeared on the Radiation Sickness demo tape/CD-R. The two members were kicked out of the band shortly after and Toxic Holocaust had gone on hiatus.

Joel resurrected the band in 2001 and started recording lots of new material alone on his own in his bedroom, a method that took place on the recording of every studio release prior to An Overdose of Death

Prior to starting Toxic Holocaust, Joel Grind has only played in two other bands full-time. One was Grave Mistake, a horrorcore/death punk band from Maryland and the other was The Rapists, a hardcore punk band heavily influenced by Discharge and GBH.