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Death Metal

Massacre (FROM Beyond Special Set)

Massacre were formed in 1985 by Allen West, Mike Borders, and Bill Andrews and soon joined by Kam Lee and Rick Rozz. They disbanded in 1987 when Rick Rozz, Terry Butler, and Bill Andrews joined Death. They reformed in 1990, when Kam Lee convinced Rick Rozz to return to doing the band, and was joined by Joe Cangelosi and Butch Gonzalas to record The Second Coming demo. Shortly afterwards, Terry and Bill quit Death and reformed with Kam and Rick to record the debut album From Beyond. The band released their debut album From Beyond in 1991 followed by an EP Inhuman Condition – a year later (featuring Cronos of Venom). After which the band split up again in 1992.

Rozz reformed the band in 1993 and released a new album Promise in 1996. Lee stated this in an interview, “However, while in the studio I realized that this material was shit and so during the post-production I quit and walked out! This was recorded in 1994.”

Promise was very badly received. This led to the group’s permanent disbanding shortly after the release.

Massacre reformed for 23 European shows in October/November in 2007 with Denial Fiend opening. This version of Massacre included 3/5 of the Inhuman Condition line-up. Kam Lee, Terry Butler and Steve Swanson with Curt Beeson and Sam Williams of Denial Fiend filling in on drums and guitar. This was not a permanent Massacre reformation. The tour was know as the “Massacre Re-Animated Tour”.

The “Massacre Re-Animated Tour” continued into 2008, throughout both Europe and the US as a “Festival Tour”, and ended for their final show at Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany in 2008.

After quitting the band Denial Fiend in Jan. 2009, Kam Lee announced plans to continue Massacre with an entirely new line-up; however, due to complaints by former members not wanting Kam to continue with the band or to use the band’s moniker – he finally decided it best not to continue with doing the band.

Now – Massacre is no more.

Kam Lee however continues in death metal in his band Bone Gnawer and the band The Grotesquery as well as several other projects. Fans can check out his bands and projects on MySpace.

In 2012 Massacre was resurrected as a band and signed with Century Media Records.

In 2019 Massacre re-formed once again, with three quarters of the original line up, Rick Rozz, Kam Lee, Michael Borders and drummer Mike Mazzonetto and have announced several US dates and shows in Europe, South America and Puerto Rico