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Death Metal

Humanity’s Last Breath

Country: Sweden

Swedish death metal band Humanity’s Last Breath pride themselves on writing extreme death metal but aren’t afraid to mix in more technical elements. The group was formed in 2009 by guitarist, producer, songwriter, and engineer Buster Odeholm with Filip Danielsson (vocals), Johan Aldgård (guitar), and Marcus Rosell (drums). Following the release of 2011’s Structures Collapse, their first album, they replaced Aldgård with guitarist, producer, and engineer Calle Thomer on their eponymous second record, and he remains a core member.

After two albums for Rogue Records, the band self-released the Detestor EP in 2016, moving toward a more technical area of metal. Their third album, 2019’s Abyssal — also their first for their new label Unique Leader Records — contained a bonus album of instrumental versions set tracks.

Following the pandemic, Humanity’s Last Breath returned in 2021 with Välde and European and North American tours. When they returned to the studio, Odeholm and Thomer altered their production sound: While the band perfectly balanced ambience, atmospherics, and brutal underground death metal on earlier recordings, 2023’s Ashen tipped it to the lusher end of their aesthetic, shifting their compositional approach to include songs with slower tempos.