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Doom Metal, Stoner Rock


Country: Poland

Dopelord are a stoner/doom quartet originating from Poland, forming in 2010. Drawing from inspirations such as vintage movies, seventies music, everyday life and magical herbs[1] this band performs a style of doom in similar fashion to modern Electric Wizard and Windhand. To date the band has released four studio albums and are a key player in the Polish stoner scene, regularly touring Europe.

Dopelord would be founded in 2010 by Klusek, Miodek, Mroku and Arek. The members were in other bands that had run their course and were excited to create new music together.[2] In their early formative years the band would perform with doom and stoner contemporaries in Belzebong and Major Kong[3] alongside touring acts such as Stoned Jesus[4] and Mars Red Sky.[5][6] Work would then begin on a debut at, recording at Studnia Studio, in Białystok circa November 2011 with mixing and mastering the following Spring.
Magick Rites would see release on 11 June 2012 via Can’t Tell You Records, attaining positive reception from The Sludgelord[7]and The Obelisk[8] Along with more frequent gigs to support Magick Rites,[9] Dopelord would begin touring for the first time in 2013, along with performing outside of Poland.[10]
Working with Michał Anuszewski and Jan Galbas at Quality Studio in Warsaw, recording of a follow-up album would come in February 2014. Dopelord’s second studio album, Black Arts, Riff Worship & Weed Cult, saw release on 24 April 2014 (And later in September via Heavy Metal Vomit Party) to positive reception from The Sludgelord[11] and More Fuzz to name a few.[12] Dopelord would tour with Major Kong to support this second album, which would include an appearance at Heavy Days in Doomtown and a marquee show supporting Ghost.
The band would perform sporadically in 2015 as a new drummer in Walczak would be recruited, following with several mini-tours in 2016 (Alongside the likes of Stoned Jesus, Sunnata and Weedpecker to name a few.) and appearing at Red Smoke Festival.[13][14] Work would begin on a third record in October 2016 at Nebula Studio, with engineer & producer Haldor Grunberg.
Children of The Haze would see release on 16 January 2017 to positive reception, with several reviewers noting an evolution and expanded elements in the band’s sound such as More Fuzz,[15] Indy Metal Vault[16] and The Sludgelord[17] among several other positive critical observations.[18][19][20] Dopelord would tour more frequently, namely follow-up tours with contemporaries from years prior and festival appearances at the likes of Summer Dying Loud and Soulstone Gathering.
The next two years would see Dopelord touring frequently through Europe which would include appearances at Desertfest London and DesertFest Berlin,[21] a mini-tour alongside Major Kong, Weedpecker and Spaceslug to promote a four-way Split and tours with Saint Vitus and Zaum just to scratch the surface.[22] In February 2020 with new drummer Piotr, Dopelord would record their fourth album at Tall Pine Records and Nebula Studio in February 2020, leading to the release of Sign of The Devil on 10 March. Sign of The Devil would attain their highest critical acclaim to date from the likes of The Sleeping Shaman,[23] Grizzly Butts,[24] Indy Metal Vault[25] and Worship Metal just to name a few.[26] However touring would be postponed due to The CO-VID19 Pandemic.
On 27 April 2021 it would be announced that Dopelord would sign up for the second volume of the Postwax series, curated by Blues Funeral Recordings. Songs of Satan would be released in July 2023.
Studio Albums
● Magick Rites (2012, Can’t Tell You Records)
● Black Arts, Riff Worship & Weed Cult (2014, Self-Released)
● Children of the Haze (2017, Green Plague)
● Sign Of The Devil (2020, Green Plague)
● Songs of Satan (TBA, Blues Funeral Recordings; PostWax)
Other Releases
● Dopelord/Major Kong (Split with Major Kong) (2015, Green Plague)
● 4-Way Split (Split with Major Kong, Weedpecker, Spaceslug) (2019, Self-Released)
Current Members
● Piotr Zin aka Klusek – Bass, Vocals (2010 – Present)
● Paweł Mioduchowski aka Miodek – Guitar, Vocals (2010 – Present)
● Grzegorz Pawłowski Mroku – Guitar (2010 – Present)
● Piotr Ochociński – Drums (2018 – Present)