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Black Metal, Thrash Metal

Destroyer 666

DESTRÖYER 666 were formed in May 1994, by ex-CORPSE MOLESTATION / BESTIAL WARLUST guitarist and songwriter, K.K. Warslut. One year hereafter, DESTRÖYER 666 recorded “Violence is the Prince of this World” with session work from Aussie legends Bullet-Eater (Ex-HOBB’S ANGEL OF DEATH) and Matt ‘Skitz’ Sanders (DAMAGED). That album has since become a much sought after underground favourite.

In October of 1996, and now with a full-time line-up consisting of Bullet-Eater on bass, Shrapnel on lead guitar, the Howitzer on drums, and K.K. Warslut, DESTRÖYER 666 started working on the second onslaught “Unchain the Wolves” which surpassed it’s predecessor with brutal anthems and epic death thrash encompassing the aggressive nature of Australian ‘War Metal’ and the bombastic majesty of BATHORY.

With the Howitzer leaving the band in late ’97, the battle drums were taken over by the outback maniac, Deciever. With his blistering speed he gave the band a new injection of power. With this line-up the band recorded the first 7″ “Satanic Speed metal”.

From here DESTRÖYER 666 started to write material for the next album “Phoenix Rising”. The album was recorded in June / July ’99 at Back Beach studio Australia. Bullet-Eater left the band after the recording and DESTRÖYER 666 enlisted S. Berserk to join ranks on bass guitar. “Phoenix Rising” proved to be another step forward for the group and on the strength of that album, DESTRÖYER 666 moved to Europe and were invited to play Mind Over Matter festival (AT), 2heavy4u Festival (SE), Fuck the Commerce (DE), Wacken Open Air (DE), Under the Black Sun (DE), Stonehenge Festival (NL), Dynamo Open Air (NL, unfortunately cancelled) as well as a full European tour with IMMOLATION, DECAPITATED AND DERANGED.

Now fully relocated to Europe, Deströyer 666 entered Sound Suite Studios, with engineer Terje Refsnes (the man behind the ENSLAVED, GEHENNA, STORM, CAPARTHIAN FOREST albums) to record their latest album “Cold Steel?…for an Iron Age”. Mixing elements of their previous albums, “Cold Steel?” is both at once epic, and then fast and violent. Raw and Brutal and Live!