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Hardcode Punk

Comeback kid

Comeback Kid, a formidable Canadian hardcore punk band, originated in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in March 2001. The band’s lineup comprises vocalist Andrew Neufeld, guitarists Jeremy Hiebert and Stu Ross, bassist Chase Brenneman, and drummer Loren Legare. Across their impactful trajectory, Comeback Kid has introduced seven studio albums and an impressive collection of seventeen music videos. Their latest offering, “Heavy Steps,” emerged in January 2022.

Inception and Early Years Founded by Andrew Neufeld and Jeremy Hiebert, who were previously part of Figure Four, Comeback Kid came into being with the addition of Scott Wade and Kyle Profeta, initially conceived as a side project. The band’s moniker, initially “The Comeback Kid,” was inspired by a newspaper headline about hockey player Mario Lemieux’s NHL return. The group released a six-song demo in January 2002, leading to their signing with Facedown Records in August of the same year.

Rising Momentum The release of “Turn It Around” in 2003 marked the beginning of Comeback Kid’s extensive touring across North America and Europe. Notably, they graced stages at influential hardcore punk festivals like Hellfest and Posi Numbers festival. “Wake the Dead,” their debut album with Victory Records, was released in February 2005. Following sustained touring, Scott Wade departed, leading to Neufeld taking up vocal duties. This transition was followed by the creation of their third album, “Broadcasting.”

Steady Evolution and Tours Further touring ensued after the release of “Broadcasting,” culminating in supporting Rise Against on a North American tour and participating in the “Never Say Die” tour across Europe with Parkway Drive. Following a brief hiatus in 2007, bassist Kevin Call left amicably, replaced by Matt Keil. The band continued to tour extensively, reaching regions like South East Asia and Latin America for the first time.

Documentary and Fourth Album “Through The Noise,” a CD/DVD release, provided insights into the band’s journey and included a live recording from Leipzig, Germany. Their fourth studio album, “Symptoms and Cures,” arrived in 2010, following two more installments of the “Through the Noise” tour in North America and Europe.

Lineup Changes and Further Releases Guitarist Casey Hjelmberg’s departure led to Stu Ross taking on guitar duties in 2012. The band’s fifth album, “Die Knowing,” arrived in 2014, showcasing their relentless spirit. Drummer Kyle Profeta’s departure in 2014 was a significant shift, as the band maintained their fervor.

Continued Innovation Comeback Kid’s sixth album, “Outsider,” saw the light of day in 2017 via Nuclear Blast. The band’s influence extended internationally, as they embarked on a European tour in 2019 alongside American rock bands Sharptooth, No Turning Back, and Jesus Piece.

Legacy and Seventh Album Comeback Kid’s musical presence extended to literature, as their songs found a place in Brazilian writer Augusto de Brito’s 2016 novel “Devaneio.” Their unyielding journey reached its seventh pinnacle with the release of “Heavy Steps” on January 21, 2022, via New Damage in Canada and Nuclear Blast worldwide.

Conclusion The resounding impact of Comeback Kid in the hardcore punk landscape is undeniable. Through lineup changes, touring triumphs, and a consistent commitment to their music, the band’s legacy as trailblazers in the genre remains steadfast.