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Access in the festival area is allowed only with a valid ticket. By attending this event, you accept and agree with the following rules. Each person will receive a wristband that ensures access in the festival area throughout the event. Please have it with you at all times and don’t remove it. In case of loss or destruction, it will not be reimbursed, and the owner will be evicted from the festival area.

To avoid any unwanted situations we insist you buy tickets only from authorized distributors. Tickets contain security features and will be checked at the entrance of the festival area. Avoid buying tickets from unknown parties and do not forge tickets! Against people who commit forgery, deception or other actions to this purpose, the organizers will file a criminal complaint.

Children up to 12 years old will have free access to the festival if they are accompanied by a parent or tutor with a valid subscription or ticket.

People with disabilities will receive free access to the festival by prior registration. Given the festival’s location, the ground could be uneven or muddy in some parts, which means that crossing certain areas might prove difficult. Rockstadt Extreme Fest staff will assist if needed.


• Access with weapons or other objects that might be considered hazardous.
• Access with glass containers, flammable materials, laser pens.
• Marketing products in the areas of camping and festival without the consent of organizers.
• Consumption of substances banned or their sale, according to the law in force.
• Access with alcohol, other drinks and food outside the festival area.
• Access with any kind of animals in festival area or camping.

Access with drinks or food (even purchased from the festival) is not allowed when entering or re-entering the festival.


You will need prior authorization for: professional camcorders and semi-professional, professional cameras with detachable objective. Owners of such devices will have to leave equipment in temporary custody. Audio and video recordings will be made during the festival. People who appear in these recordings cannot have any claim against the organizers, manufacturers or users.
During the event, audio and video recordings can be made only with the consent of the organizers. Photos are allowed at any time (except the concerts without consent, if ever the case.)

Video recording and photographing with the purposes of distribution in print, audio, TV or online will be held under rules communicated to journalists via press office Rockstadt Extreme Fest. Breaking these rules may expose institutions to lawsuits from organizers or management of artists, if the agreed conditions are violated.


We recommend avoiding any conflicts and respecting each other. We are all here to have fun and enjoy awesome bands.


We will not allow exceptions to these rules, the violation of the regulation can lead to eviction from the festival area, without reimbursement of the ticket value. The organizer is not responsible for damage property of participants or any personal objects.

Anyone who violates these regulations, initiate or participate in events that disrupt the order or well being of others, will be immediately escorted outside the perimeter of the festival, their access will be denied and the organizer will announce the authorized institutions of the state, if is necessary.


We advise parents to buy protective helmets for noise protection. If children are not properly equipped, their exposure to noise will be their parents entire responsibility. Please keep in mind: There will be strong light effects that could harm children or epileptic persons! Please take necessary precautions!

The organizers and the medical assistance will give immediately hospitalization or medical intervention, as long as the situation takes place within the area of the festival or camping. The event will take place regardless of weather conditions.

The organizer reserves the right to modify the shedule and timings if necessary. The organizer reserves the right to make inspections throughout the festival to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Thank you for understanding and enjoy the festival!

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