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New confirmation: 1349

  • 25/11/2018

1349 will play for the first time in Romania at Rockstadt Extreme Fest’s invitation. 1349 is a well-known name on the international black metal scene. The band draws its name from the year when "Black Death" arrived in Norway -…

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New confirmation: SCHAMMASCH

  • 03/11/2018

The band name Schammasch comes from Shamaš (or Utu), the God of sun / justice in the Sumerian / Mesopotamian mythology. It is a band established in Basel, Switzerland (2009), which although not self-defined as a particular musical style, has…

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New confirmation: EKTOMORF

  • 03/11/2018

Ektomorf is one of the most appreciated metal bands in Hungary, with a strong style, resulting from the merging of metal trash with influences from the Gypsy folklore. Established by Zoltán Farkas in the early 1990s, the band became more…

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New confirmation: ASPHYX

  • 18/09/2018

The third confirmed artist at Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2019 Asphyx, one of the most important death / doom metal bands, appeared on the Dutch underground music scene in 1987. The band's name became more and more known shortly after setting…

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New confirmation: HYPOCRISY

  • 13/09/2018

HYPOCRISY is the second band confirmed for Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2019 The legendary melodic death metal band led by Peter Tägtgren was founded in 1991 in Ludvika, Sweden. Although this project emerged only in the early 1990s, Hypocrisy began as…

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First confirmation: PARADISE LOST

  • 05/08/2018

British doom metal band Paradise Lost formed in Halifax, England in 1988; originally comprising vocalist Nick Holmes, lead guitarist Gregor Mackintosh, rhythm guitarist Aaron Aedy, bassist Steve Edmonson, and drummer Matthew Archer, the group recorded a pair of demo tapes,…

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