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Unleashed is a musical project founded by Johnny Hedlund in 1989 in Stockholm. The band was noted since the demos times, which brought them a contract with Century Media Records, a known German label, and the possibility of releasing a debut record, “Where No Life Dwells” (1991), followed immediately by a tour with Morbid Angel through Europe and the USA. Just a year afterward, the second album is released, “Shadows in the Deep” (1992), which also includes a cover of the song “Countess Bathory” from Venom, and later “Open Sea” and “Victory” (1995), records well received by the audience.

One of the things for which Unleashed was noted was the interesting combination of themes approached – lyrical themes drawn from Viking culture and values were combined with aspects of Nordic traditional cultures and with topics of pre-Christian traditions. For example, “The Hunt for White Christ” (2018), the band’s 13th studio album and also the fourth volume in “World of Odalheim and their Midgard warriors,” is a story. written by Hedlund (the founder of the band) to mark the 30th anniversary of his career and to illustrate the past, present and what Hedlund considers to be the future and values of the true Vikings.

Over the course of three decades, Unleashed influenced the Swedish music scene and beyond, inspiring other art projects and becoming one of the “Big Four” of Swedish death metal, alongside Dismember, Entombed, and Grave. With these bands, Unleashed also went on a European tour, entitled “Masters of Death tour”, in 2006, after the release of his eighth album, “Midvinterblot”.

Like any band that has managed to gain international acclaim, Unleashed has appeared on numerous popular festivals, such as Summer Breeze Open Air or With Full Force, and will be performing Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2020.

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