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Having Ben Duerr as a vocalist, one of the most „inhuman” voices of the present metal scene, Shadow Of Intent is without question top deathcore bands of our times. The mastermind behind is Chris Wiseman, most famous for playing guitar and writing songs for the prog-metalcore band, Currents. However, his creative part in Shadow Of Intent cannot be overseen and may look for some more creative and interesting.

Shadow Of Intent was formed in 2014 as an internet-based project of two: Ben and Chris, soon after their first EP being launched: „Inferi Sententia”.

More songs were released in 2015 and „Primordial” (2016) album followed immediately, attracting audience attention. „Reclaimer” was next, in 2017, independently produces (like all their releases), with 1300 sold units in the first week and millions of streams online.

If we refer to „Melancholy” (2019), Anthony Barone’s (Aegaeon, A Night In Texas) presence behind the drum kit was essential, his own percussion style matching with the album’s genre perfectly.

„Melancholy” is one of the rare deathcore records that’ll have a lasting impact. This record is a real showcase for Shadow Of Intent to tastefully display their insane technical talent whilst remaining well written and easily digestible. This record is riddled with memorable vocal passages, great riffs, and hectic drum fills that are bound to pull you back in for another hellish deep-dive, all with some killer symphonic backing elements. You wouldn’t necessarily expect a band of this caliber to release such quality extreme music completely independent; their hard work and determination are clearly evident, and off the back of a demented deathcore record such as this, they deserve all of the success that comes their way. Shadow of Intent is undeniably at their very best with their current line-up, and they are not showing any signs of slowing down or relenting any time soon. I swear, death metal just keeps getting better and better every damn year” as says.…

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