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The masters of “space” tech-death, Rings of Saturn, have been inspiring the international music scene for a decade already, their story starting in 2009 in Bay Area, California (USA). Initially launched as a studio project by Lucas Mann, Rings of Saturn began to gain fans quickly due to its highly technical style, complexity, and hardness of compositions and lyrics dominated by space themes related to extraterrestrial life.

Their first track, “Abducted”, written while they were still in high school, was posted online and quickly gained listeners. The debut album “Embryonic Anomaly” (2010) brought them a contract with Unique Leader Records label.

Tours followed despite the constant changes in line-up and a new record (“Dingir” in 2013), completed shortly by the third album: “Lugal Ki En” (2014) and new tours in North America, Canada, and Mexico. The band continued to grow in popularity and become increasingly noted on the American scene, which resulted in obtaining a contract with Nuclear Blast Records in 2016, a label under which they also published a new record the following year: “Ultu Ulla ”(Time Immemorial), received with enthusiasm by the fans.

About the different musical approaches by which they were noted, Mann says: “I don’t want to be limited by a particular construct. In music, I always focus on building the structures that I see in my mind. I use complex structures, accompanied by arpeggios and simplified phrases, all following the stylistic vision I have when I think of the structure of the “rings” of the planets. And the technical ability to play these musical constructions comes from muscle memory. It is quite difficult for a musician to play with his instrument the musical pattern of the rings because they are not used to these structures. Most of the time, the reaction of those who try is “Wow, it’s very strange.” However, we do not intend to make things comfortable, it is not about it. After a while, after you get used to the composition, everything ties in and makes sense. Rings of Saturn is a project that brings to light experimental music and is meant to inspire those around you to play without creative limitations.”

“We were always an experimental band. I’m a musician like that. With “Ultu Ulla” I wanted to approach a more melodic direction than the previous ones. As a result, our band gained new fans, although those who were with us from the beginning felt the lack of hardness, strong technical accents and the predominantly experimental nature of the first albums. I mean, the things that helped us get noticed. This is one of the reasons why we tried to keep the virulence and the things that we came up with initially, but to keep the melodic direction appreciated by the new listeners. And the result can be heard on «Gidim», which represents, in a way, the return to the artistic roots of the Rings of Saturn project,” Mann adds.…

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