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The band’s history begins in 1980, in New Jersey, USA, from the ruins of a punk band, “the Lubricunts”, becoming one of the most appreciated thrash metal bands on the East Coast, along with another established band on the international scene which will at Rockstadt Extreme Fest: Anthrax.

After several band name options rejected by the members of the new band, the project is called “Overkill”, as the well-known Motörhead album. Overkill was, in fact, the only group of the first American thrash metal bands to sign a major record label, Atlantic Records, in 1986, and then became part of the wave of very popular thrash metal bands in the 1980s of the American continent (of which the “Big Four” also belong).

The band is said to have attracted the attention of the American underground scene since the “Power in Black” demo, which circulated intensely and inspired fans and new bands alike, such as Exodus or Testament. In 1985, the first EP, “Overkill” was released, which was sold out shortly after its release and helped to increase the band’s popularity to the point where they signed with the most influential independent heavy metal label, Megaforce Records. Thus began the road to success.

The debut record, “Feel the Fire” (1985), was enthusiastically received by critics and fans of the thrash metal genre, being regarded as a masterpiece of the genre and contributing to establishing the band’s popularity and position as one of the “engines” of the new 1908s stream of East Coast. The debut was followed by an intensive tour of Europe, along with Anthrax and Agent Steel, followed by the “Reign in Blood” tour in North America, where Overkill was the opening act for Slayer.

The commercial success continued with the second album, “Taking Over” (1987), which reached number 191 in the Top Billboard 200. The following record (“Under the Influence” – 1988, “The Years of Decay” – 1989, “Horrorscope” – 1991, “I Hear Black” – 1993 or “WFO” – 1994) enjoyed the public’s appreciation, specialized criticism, entering the Top Billboard 200.

Overkill continued to gain popularity, with the following albums released on the market: “The Electric Age” (2012), “White Devil Armory” (2014) and “The Grinding Wheel” (2017), resulting in sales of over 16 million pieces.

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