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Established in 1994, by Dolk, it is said that the group took its name from an old Norwegian fighting scream that means “Odin” or “Wotan” and that their music can be described as black metal inspired by Norwegian folklore and nature.

Only two years after its birth, the group brought to light the first EP, followed in 1997 by the first album “Mellom skogkledde aaser” and shortly after the second record “Fra underverdenen” (1999) – an important album that includes the song “Norse”, the first song in English. It marked a change in the style which moved away from the folk influences to deepen the exploration of different musical areas.

“Kvass” (2006) followed, then “Mare” (2010) and two other albums that will mark the entrance of Norwegian black metal in a new stage: “Djevelmakt” and “Profan” (2015), the last record being the one which earned them a “Spellemannprisen” award, the Norwegian equivalent of the Grammy Awards, in the “Best Achievement in the Metal genre” category.

After a short break dedicated to solving personal problems and writing new ideas, Kampfar members gathered and started work on a new record, which immortalized in musical form the period of suffering and healing that each had gone through. The result of this tumultuous stage can be learned on “Ofidians Manifest” (2019).

The album represents, according to the artists, a summary of their musical experience and evolution, considering that one of the creeds from which the band members did not depart was to release only materials that were better than the songs written until then.

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