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The band, which was established in 2008 in Celbridge (Ireland) chose the name Dead Label as a sign of disapproval over the widespread custom of framing each band in genres and subgenres, labeled as belonging to certain metal typologies. Founded by three members who had previously played together in another group called VX, Dead Label compositions were influenced by Machine Head, Pantera, Caliban or Slipknot.

With a sound that masterfully combines elements of thrash metal, death metal, hardcore metal, and groove metal, Dead Label have managed to be noted on the international music scene after the release of their debut album, “Throne of Bones”. Thus, the band has toured North America, UK, Europe mainland and Japan with well-known names such as Machine Head, Fear Factory, Gojira or DevilDriver and performed some of the well-known festivals like Download Festival UK, Bloodstock Open Air, Hammerfest or MetalDays Festival.

Following the release in 2017 of “Pure Chaos” single and video which soon gathered more than 110,000 views, the band began to attract even more interest from specialized press and production houses, reaching the cover of Metal Hammer magazine (March 2018 edition) and being included in the TV campaign promoting Bloodstock Open Air in the same year. And the musical creativity and popularity of Dead Label continued to grow even in 2019, the new singles “False Messiah”, “Triggered” and much more recently “Dystopian Complex” managed to attract the appreciation of fans of heavy styles around the world.

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