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New Confirmation: MORTEM

New Confirmation: MORTEM

MORTEM for the first time in Romania

Marius Vold (ex. Stigma Diabolicum, ex. Thorns, ex. Arcturus)
Steinar Sverd Johnsen (Arcturus, ex. Covenant, ex. Descended, ex. The Kovenant, ex. Ulver)
Tor Stavenes (1349, Pantheon I, Svart Lotus, Tyrann, ex. Alvheim, ex. Dead Trooper, ex. Den Saakaldte, ex. Hofdingi Myrkra, ex. Nidingr, ex. Slavia, ex. Vidsyn)
Hellhammer – no further presentation needed for this legend

MORTEM, the well-known Norwegian black metal band, premieres in Romania at Rockstadt Extreme Fest. Formed in 1989 by Marius Vold (Stigma Diabolicum, Thorns, Arcturus) and by Steinar Sverd Johnsen (Arcturus, Covenant, Satyricon), Mortem was one of the first bands to contribute to setting up the black metal scene in Norway. It all started with the intense demo “Slow Death”, very well received by black metal fans and critics but followed by a hiatus of the band. The members of the band have begun other musical projects, such as Arcturus or Thorns, which have also become internationally famous.

After a long pause, the nostalgia for the musical approaches included on “Slow Death” made the band reunite in a new formula, the duo Marius – Sverd being accompanied by the famous Hellhammer on drums (Mayhem, Covenant, Arcturus), by Tor Stavenes (1349) and Svart Lotus (Svart Lotus, Den Saakaldte). And that’s not all. The reunion of these musicians’ forces will also materialize in a new record that will revive the raw energy of the original one and will incorporate fresh elements, seasoned with gore influences and tonalities specific to the beginnings of black metal.

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