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New Confirmation: BOLZER

New confirmation: BOLZER

Bölzer is one of the most interesting bands of the extreme European undergound. Founded by Okoi Jones and Fabian Wyrsch in 2008 in Zurich, Switzerland, the band became known for unconventional death metal blending with strong atmospheric influences, with tonalities coming from the darkest corners of black and doom metal and sprinkled with lyrical themes dominated by death, occultism, paganism, rituals or duality. Although, initially, Bölzer wanted to be a trio, the winning formula was that of a duo – guitar, drums and voice.

The name of the band, a verb in German spoken in Switzerland deriving from the word “bolzen”, is hard to translate into another language in one word. It has a similar meaning to “chopper” or “bulldozer”, the band said it can be defined as “a strong force, a blow that does not take into account the consequences. Something that does not have a target, but it’s just a chaotic manifestation of energy, a force of chaos, life and death. ”

The success of their demo, “Roman Acupuncture” released in 2012 (“Roman Acupuncture”, which makes a creative reference to crucifixion), brings them a collaboration with Iron Bonehead Records and a new material coming out in the next year.

EP’s “Aura,” highly praised by fans and critics, has often been described as one of the best metal materials released in 2013, a “breath of fresh air” (such as NPR Music or Stereogum – one of the most respected music sites in the UK). Stereogum, for example, said about the band’s songs: “the hype generated by Bölzer’s materials grew at alarming levels.” Next records were “Soma” EP (2014, seen as the sequel to the deepest shadows beginning with “Aura”), the album “Hero” (2016) and “C.H.A.O.S. “(Split album) in 2017 – all the material being received with the enthusiasm of critics and fans alike.

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