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New Confirmation: 1349

New confirmation: 1349

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1349 will play for the first time in Romania at Rockstadt Extreme Fest’s invitation.

1349 is a well-known name on the international black metal scene. The band draws its name from the year when “Black Death” arrived in Norway – “Black Death” (plague) was one of the most violent pandemics in world history (it probably broke out in Central Asia in 1330, in Europe after 1347 and reaching Norway in 1349. It is said that this epidemic killed between 30-60% of the European population since then, having to pass another 200 years for the number of inhabitants on the continent to return to the figures before the pandemic).

The band was founded in 1997 by Ravn (voice and drums), Tjalve (guitar) and Seidemann (bass) – former members of the Alvheim band – in 1999 Idar “Archaon” Burheim joined them. In 2000, Frost of Satyricon (later a permanent member) was asked to contribute on drums. Soon afterwards they signed with the Candlelight label and released their debut album, “Liberation” (2003), which combines the soundtrack “Beyond the Apocalypse” (2004) and “Hellfire” (2005), tours through Europe and North America (2006) as an opening act for the legendary Celtic Frost band, which has just 2009 has come up with a new material, different from what Norwegians have accustomed to the audience, “Revelations of the Black Flame,” which explores the slower rhythms and the deep dark depths of black metal, while retaining the main imprint specific to the band.

Afterwards 1349 released “Demonoir”, under India Recordings, an album that perfectly combines the shadow of the genre with explosive energy. The material has left its mark on international black metal scene by the sinister darkness, reinforced by the aggressive poetry of the lyrics and the intensity of the rhythm and sounds present here. The next studio album, “Massive Cauldron of Chaos,” is considered by the band more direct and deeper than anything previously created, with a much more threatening darkness and heavier depths – the disc being described as having much better sound and more alive.

1349 performed alongside with some of the most famous names of the extreme scene, such as Behemoth, Goatwhore, Cannibal Corpse, Skeletonwitch or Lecherous Nocturne, being a long awaited presence at some of the most important festivals (Wacken Open Air, Summer Breeze Open Air etc.)

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