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Camping Expansion in Progress as Full Passes Hit 50% Sold!

Full Passes Hit 50% Sold!

We would like to thank you for the overwhelming support we received over the last days, the reception is nothing short of legendary!

It is very likely that Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2024 will be the biggest edition yet, with almost 50% of full passes already sold out. This means that the whole festival site will go through several improvements to make sure everyone has the best possible experience in Transylvania.

Camping Expansion in Progress

We are aware of the numerous messages received regarding the camping grounds. Please allow us a bit more time to work on this, as we will add an extended camping site, along with all the needed facilities. Of course, given the number of bands and three open air stages, we will also extend the entire festival site.

Of course, this takes time. But we wanted to make sure that your voices are heard and we are working on implementing and releasing all infos on camping, local shuttles and accomodations asap!

We remind you that free access on the festival site and camping grounds will be given ONLY to children who are under the age of 12!